Plastic Waste Recycling From 3D Printing

The path to a Circular Economy - Make, Use & Recycle

Responsible 3D Printing starts here!

We’re leading the way, reduce your plastic waste with Lancashire3D

Make, Use & Recycle

Working toward a zero waste circular economy!

Not only do we recycle our own production waste in-house, but we want to take back your used / unwanted prints for recycling too.

We will take back used prints for recycling

95% of our production waste is recycled

Reduced carbon footprint by processing in-house

We granulate convert it back into 3D printable material

Where possible we only source recycled plastics





Our return service will be available in November 2019

Additive Manufacturing is fast becoming a major manufacturing trend. As more businesses  and individuals turn to 3D printing, there is a growing environmental concern regarding the plastic parts at their end of life. The majority of discarded 3D Printed plastic parts end up in land-fill due to a lack of recycling infrastructure.