We have recently agreed the sale of our brand and associated operations to our friends at Midlands 3D Printing. Our respective businesses have grown in parallel over the past 4 years and we have maintained a great professional relationship throughout that time. As we have now decided to move onto other ventures, Midlands 3D will be taking over and complementing their existing volume and large format printing capability with our range of services including the use of recycled filaments.

All current contact email addresses, telephone number and website are in the process of being transitioned to Midlands 3D and this process will be completed on February 6th.
As a previous customer of Lancashire 3D, you will shortly receive a one-time email enabling you to renew or amend your consent for ongoing communications and transfer of your contact details and model files to the team at Midlands 3D in order to maintain potential continuity of service. We will not be sharing any details without your express consent to do so.

Where official NDA’s are in place with Lancashire 3D, these can of course be transferred with your written approval or new ones can be provided in the name of Midlands 3D.

We wish the team at Midlands 3D well and thank you for your custom.