We’re on Track to Meet Goals in Tackling Plastic Waste

Back in 2018 we set the ambitious goal of being a zero plastic waste business. In our industry there are very few options available for managing 3D Printing plastic waste, with the majority being going to land-fill. Whilst some plastics are biodegradable, but they require industrial composting facilities (which are not yet available), meaning it can take an estimated 1000 years to breakdown.

Due to the wide range of materials available and the end goal, we decided to do it in house.

From today, at least 95% of our productions waste plastic will be collected and recycled on-site. We’re also enabling our customers to return used / end of life parts that we’ve produced. These will  be broken down and recycled. The raw material is then re-introduced into as 3D Printable production material to create a circular economy.

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